Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania

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Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania

Comment on E. Holman et al. In Vietnamese. Ban Non Wat: crucial research, but is it too soon for certainty? Single-authored chapters in edited books Goodall ed. Hamilton: N.

- New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory - ANU

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Human migrations and the histories of major language families. Southeast Asian islands: Archaeology. Migration and the origins of Homo sapiens. Kaifu, M. Izuho, T. Goebel, H. Sato and A. Reinecke ed. Language Families, Archaeology and History of. Wright ed. Oxford: Elsevier. Cultural evolution: phylogeny versus reticulation.

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Pryce and J. Bangkok: River Books. Hung and Y. Benitez-Johannot ed. Manila: ArtPostAsia. Chambers, M. Ross and H. Multidisciplinary perspectives on the origins and migrations of Austronesian-speaking peoples prior to BC. Roberts and M. Nguyen, K. Yamagata, S. Watanabe and P. Oxenham, H. Matsumura and K. Hung H. Carson, P. Bellwood, F. Piper, E. Dizon, M. Bolunia, M. Oxenham and C. The first settlement of Remote Oceania: Luzon to the Marianas.

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ISBN 13: 9780306462573

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Encyclopedia of Prehistory:  Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania
Encyclopedia of Prehistory:  Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania
Encyclopedia of Prehistory:  Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania
Encyclopedia of Prehistory:  Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania
Encyclopedia of Prehistory:  Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 3: East Asia and Oceania

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