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Archie Rose Distilling Co. VisitSouthBank Interactive Map. The bold line labelled CDline9 is the profile modelled in Figure 2. Click here or on Figure for enlargement. Unlike previous studies, our models have external constraints on the crustal structure obtained from co-incident wide-angle and reflection seismic data Minshull et al. Figure 2: Forward models of conjugate magnetic anomaly profiles across the Seychelles and Laxmi Ridge margins see Figure 1 for line locations. PR—Palitana Ridge. In total, km of data were collected at the Laxmi margin and km at the north Seychelles margin.

The new magnetic data were merged with historical measurements to produce an anomaly grid for each study area Figure 1. Our conjugate magnetic profiles were interpreted using 2D forward modelling. The models consist of juxtaposed uniformly magnetized blocks, the shapes of which included basement topography from co-incident seismic reflection data but were otherwise rectangular.

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Each block was designated to be either oceanic, continental or intermediate based on the seismic interpretation. Importantly, we interpret the Gop Rift to be underlain by thick oceanic crust and the Laxmi Ridge to be intermediate probably heavily intruded continental crust. The continental crust was assumed to have no natural remnant magnetization, but a susceptibility of 0. Intermediate crust of the Laxmi Ridge was allowed to have a magnetized layer of any thickness and strength.

Our work shows that syn-rift volcanics offshore the Seychelles Islands in the form of seaward-dipping reflectors were most likely erupted during chron 28n, and the first organized seafloor spreading at the Carlsberg Ridge also initiated during this period, at A number of seamounts were also erupted onto the seafloor during 27nn, Ma after the initiation of seafloor spreading. Initial extension at the margin therefore preceded emplacement of the Deccan traps, and separation of the Seychelles was achieved within the next 3.

Table 1 summarises recent compilations of the relative ages of other continental-flood basalt-rifted continental margin pairs Hawkesworth et al. The compilations largely differ in the assignment of the age of the first oceanic crust for the reasons outlined in the introduction. Our determination of 3. Table 1. Summary of previous estimates of the relative age of continental flood basalt provinces and associated continental rifting.

Hill argued that in the active rifting case, where the crustal extension was triggered by thermal doming above an impacting plume, the establishment of a new ridge would require tens of millions of years, the time required for conduction of heat through the upper lithosphere, unless a ridge jump was involved. However, our work shows that plate reorganisation was underway long before the main Deccan eruption, with the opening of the Gop Rift possibly preceding it by 9 Ma.

We therefore conclude that external plate boundary forces were largely responsible for the rifting of the Seychelles from India, and the evidence suggests that a passive, rather than active, rifting model is more applicable in this case. Age of Seychelles-India break-up. Bernard, A. Munschy Bhattacharya, G. Chaubey, G.

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Murty, K. Srinivas, K.

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  • Sarma, V. Subrahmanyam and K. Krishna Campbell, I. Griffiths Chaubey, A. Srinivas, T. Ramprasad and D.

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    Rao Early Tertiary seafloor spreading magnetic anomalies and paleo- propagators in the northern Arabian Sea, Earth Planet. Collier, J. Minshull, J. Hammond, R. Whitmarsh, J. Kendall, V. Sansom, C. Lane, and G. Rumpker , Factors influencing magmatism during continental breakup: New insights from a wide-angle seismic experiment across the conjugate Seychelles-Indian margins, J. Courtillot, V. Jaupart, I. Manighetti, P. Tapponnier and J.

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    Besse On causal links between flood basalts and continental breakup, Earth Planet. Renne On the ages of flood basalt events, Comptes Rendus Geoscience, , Hawkesworth, C. Kelley, S.

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    Turner, A. Le Roex and B. Storey Mantle processes during Gondwana break-up and dispersal. Earth Sci. Hill, R. Jourdan, F. Feraud, H. Bertrand and M. Watkeys Kent, R. Storey and A. Saunders McKenzie, D. Sclater

    Jennys Mantle Jennys Mantle
    Jennys Mantle Jennys Mantle
    Jennys Mantle Jennys Mantle
    Jennys Mantle Jennys Mantle
    Jennys Mantle Jennys Mantle

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