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The teacher might also evaluate your questions. StudentQuiz provides the following processes:. The upper bar represents your learning progress. In the example below there are 13 questions in this StudentQuiz. Out of this you have answered 3 questions correctly, 2 questions incorrectly, and you have not yet provided an answer for 8 questions.

Please note that you can answer a question multiple times, but only your last answer counts. The lower bar represents your contribution progress. In the example below, you have contributed 4 questions to this StudentQuiz. StudentQuiz also provides students with two different reports to compare yourself with your peer group. You can find the reports in the navigation:. The left column of the statistics report gives you an overview of your contribution and learning progress.

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For comparison, you see the averaged contribution and learning progress of your peer group in the right column. The ranking table might motivate students to challenge each other.

Types of questions in the Moodle Quiz Module

The ranking table explains the calculus of the ranking points. The sum of all your ranking points determines your rank within your peer group. This guide explains how to create and configure a StudentQuiz activity within a Moodle course, how you can encourage and moderate your students to contribute question to the question pool, what statistics you can draw from your students' activities and how you can recycle the question pool of one course to another.

Creating a StudentQuiz activity has no difference to other activities. Give a name to the new activity. You have the following options to configure the StudentQuiz activity.

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Together with the StudentQuiz activity all associated questions will be deleted as well. You might want to save the questions into an export file first. In the main view, students can only preview, edit or delete their own questions, while teachers can preview, edit and delete all questions. The "Change state" button also offers a bulk option to change the state of multiple questions at once. A new question automatically receives the state "new".

Manual uninstallation

The teacher can alter the state of the question to "approve" or "disapprove". Once a question is approved or disapproved the author cannot edit it anymore.

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As long as the question is in the state "new" or "changed" the author can edit the question. In the following image Test Question 1 is in state "change", Test Question 2 in state "approved", Test Question 3 in state "disapproved", and Test Question 4 in state "new". As a teacher, you might want to click the eye-icon to hide this question from students.

The question is still visible to the teacher and the author but appears greyed out. The author can continue to preview, edit, or delete this question but he will not receive any points for it while it is not visible.

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In a Lesson, the answer list will be shuffled every time the question is view by a student. In a multiple choice question, the student selects one answer. From MoodleDocs Moodle provides teachers with a lot of flexibility when creating this common question type. Remember that Lesson module questions behave differently. There are two types of multiple choice questions - single answer and multiple answer. Single-answer questions These questions allow one and only one answer to be chosen by providing radio buttons next to the answers.

You will specify non-negative marks for each answer, usually zero marks for wrong answers, maximum marks for correct answers and partial marks for partially correct answers. Each answer may carry a positive or negative grade, so that choosing ALL the options will not necessarily result in good grade. If the total grade is negative then the total grade for this question will be zero. Feedback can be associated either with specific answers, or with the question as a whole.

Question set-up 1. Select the question category 2. Give the question a descriptive name. The name will be used in the question lists on the quiz editing page or in the lesson as a page title. It will not be shown to the students, so you can choose any name that makes sense to you and possibly other teachers.

Create the question text.

Header nav

Select an image to display if you want to add a picture to the question. The available images are those you have uploaded to the main Moodle files area they cannot be in folders. For the student, the image appears immediately after the question text and before the answer options. This will pop up the Insert Image window. You can choose to upload an image into your files area from this window, or you can add the URL of an image on the web. If you add a file to your files area, click the name of the file after you upload it to insert the link into the URL text entry at the top of the screen.

Then click OK. If you wish, add general feedback. Choose whether students can only select one answer or multiple answers 9. Choose whether to shuffle the answer options Write your first answer in the Choice 1 text field. Inserting HTML into this area also makes it possible to add an image or a sound file.

Select a grade percentage for the answer. This is the percentage of the total points for the question that selecting this response is worth. You can select negative percentages as well as positive percentages. If you wish, you can add feedback for each response. If students know why an answer is right or wrong, they can analyze their own thinking and begin to understand why an answer is correct.

Your feedback will only be displayed if you select Show Feedback in the quiz body options. Fill in the rest of the response choices in the rest of the form. Any unused areas will be ignored. Fill in the overall feedback fields if you wish. If the penalty factor is more than 0, then the student will lose that proportion of the maximum grade upon each successive attempt. During the lesson, the teacher starts the quiz. Students can now connect to this quiz.

Once the teacher is satisfied that all students have connected to the quiz, they can click on "Start Quiz. The teacher can, at a later date, go back through the results and, for each question, see exactly what answer each student gave. Students will also be able to view their attempts based on the display options in the quiz settings. Turn editing on by clicking the Turn editing on button at the top right hand side of the page.

General Active Quiz: Give the quiz a name.

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Introduction: Add a description. Display Description on Course Page: Display description on course page optional. Default Question Time: Select how long you want the questions to display. NOTE: This can be overridden by individual question settings. Grade Settings Assessed: Select if you want the quiz to be assessed.

Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to
Moodle Quiz Module How-to Moodle Quiz Module How-to

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