Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces

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The book also investigates many possible and actual key applications of solid surface photochemistry, such as molecular photo-devices, photo-chemical vapour deposition of thin layered semiconductors, sensitive optical media and control of photochemical reaction paths as well as efficient photocatalytic reaction processes which will be indispensable for ecologically clean and safe chemical systems. Surface Photochemistry will be of interest to researchers in surface science and also to graduate students interested in catalysis or photo-chemistry.

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Dynamics of Surface Photochemistry F. Glossary of Symbols.

Photochemistry: Theoretical Concepts and Reaction Mechanisms

Fluorescence and transient absorption spectra of solid surface: development of time-resolved total internal reflection spectroscopy H. Laser flash photolysis on solid surfaces F. Wilkinson, G.

Excimer formation with pyrenes on silica surfaces K. Photophysics of acridone, N-methylacridone, acridine, and pyrene adsorbed on silica gel S. Suzuki, T. Heterogeneous molecular environments probed by fluorophores bonded to chemically modified silica gel: Fluorescence decay measurements under a microscope S. Hirayama et al. Photoacoustic and fluorescence measurements of energy transfer in adsorption layers H. Photochemistry of alkyl ketones in the adsorbed state: effects of solid surfaces upon the photolysis M. Decomposition of azocumene on silica surfaces J.

Leffler, J. Photolytic and redox mechanisms for the photodecomposition of ethanoic acid adsorbed over pure and mixed oxides M. Schiavello et al. ESR studies of alkyl radicals adsorbed on porous vycor glass H. Chemiluminescence properties of adsorbed biacridylidenes K. Maeda, S. Turro, Z. Photochemistry of organic cations at charged interfaces C. Backer, D. Electron transfer between adsorbed dye molecules and organic crystals: model character of the adsorption system for certain aspects in photosynthesis K.

Kemnitz et al. Inorganic photochemical reactions in low temperature matrices and in the surfaces of solids T. Photochemistry of metal carbonyls physisorbed on porous vycor glass H. Photochemistry of silica-adsorbed Fe CO 5 R. Photopreparation of supported metal oxide and metal carbonyl catalysts A. Morikawa, Y. UV laser photodissociation of small molecules on solid surfaces H. Sato, M. CO2 laser induced surface reaction M. Hada, M. Topics of Photochemistry on Semiconducting Materials.

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Photochemistry on solid surfaces

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Wittig Reaction with Stereochemistry /Organic Name Reactions (csirnet, Gate, IITJAM, Barc)

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    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces
    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces
    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces
    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces
    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces
    Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces

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