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Dream Chaser Spacecraft Passes Another NASA Milestone

SNC is currently building a cargo version of the Dream Chaser, but has the capability of building a crew version that can hold up to seven astronauts. Aircraft-like Operations: The vehicle is a lifting-body that will launch into space atop a conventional expendable rocket, maneuver in space using onboard propulsion systems, and glide back to Earth for a runway landing at the end of each mission. Gentle Runway Landing: Low-g 1.

Highly Reusable: The cargo version of the Dream Chaser spacecraft is designed to be reused more than 15 times. Electrical Power System: Aerojet Rocketdyne is supplying the electrical power system for the spaceplane.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne will design, develop, fabricate, test and integrate the electrical power system, the including power conversion system, distribution units and rechargeable batteries. A typical airplane has large wings that provide the lift to keep the vehicle in the air. While Dream Chaser does have small winglets, or fins, to provide directional stability in flight, the lift is created by the body of the vehicle the underside which is wide and flat. Our gentle low-g reentry allows us to build Thermal Protection System TPS and an overall vehicle that is fully reusable with pin-point landing capability enabled by the lifting-body characteristics.

The lifting-body design gives Dream Chaser a higher lift-to-drag ratio and allows for greater cross-range landing capability, meaning the landing zone or places where it can land is greatly increased.

Since Dream Chaser uses all non-toxic consumables, including propellants, there are no environmental or safety hazards that require unique ground support infrastructure. As a result, it has the potential to land anywhere that has a suitable 10, ft runway capable of handling a typical large passenger airplane like a Boeing or Airbus Almost immediately after landing, the Dream Chaser spacecraft offers access to cargo and crew. Additionally, a runway landing substantially increases safety and reduces risk because runways are developed, maintained and operated to strict domestic and international standards.

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With other spacecraft, such as capsules, a distant splash down into an ocean or remote landing crew and cargo retrieval is more labor intensive, takes longer to complete, requires more support infrastructure and introduces risk - including those related to injured crew or sensitive cargo. For scientists, researchers, and medical personnel, the benefits of the near-immediate accessibility afforded by runway landings are unmatched.

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  • Dream Chaser Spacecraft Passes Another NASA Milestone.
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Dream Chaser will experience atmospheric entry with a maximum of only 1. This attribute makes the Dream Chaser vehicle ideal for sensitive payloads and deconditioned or injured crew members returning from space. Blue Origin continuing work on New Glenn launch… September 11, Chandra helps reveal first-ever observed early-stage galaxy cluster… August 1, Unpacking the proposed exo-planet imaging telescope HabEx.

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Long March 11 lofts Zhuhai-1 Group-3 satellites. Iridium inks 7-year deal with military, Memorandum of Virgin Galactic assemble primary structures for second SpaceShipTwo.

Dream Chaser spaceplanes to launch on ULA Vulcan rocket

Boeing reorganizing plans as it builds second NASA China returns Long March 4 to service with Blue Origin continuing work on New Glenn launch DoD practices Starliner at sea recovery for first time. How to rescue Dragon, Starliner, and Orion crews at sea. Related Articles. September 17, September 13, September 11, September 5, UK Spaceport at Sutherland enters public consultation phase September 4, August 23, August 20, Rocket Lab launches Electron flight 8.

The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser
The Dream Chaser The Dream Chaser

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